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My family and I moved to China ten years ago to be ahead of the curve. We want to learn as much as we can about the Chinese people and culture as China rises in dominance on the world stage. We envision China stepping into her role as world leader within the next few decades. It is an honor to be able to work here with this vision in mind. Ten years later, we are closer than ever to living our Chinese dream…

Every person is a nexus of creativity

This website is an extension of our creative nexus, an ode to our becoming. As we choose who to be we perform a sort of shape-shifting, in order to define who we are.

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Born on the island of the sun.
Raised in the eye of the eagle.
Now in the heart of the dragon.

This portfolio reflects my interest in the female body politic as an immigrant to the US from the Caribbean island of Barbados and now living in China. These explorations all aim at bridging cultures and deconstructing stereotypes.

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Performance Art

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Modern Spirits of the Streets

Spirits of the Now City

The Caribbean is the colorful land of the Moko Jumbie (a spirit that moves through the streets on stilts) and the Mother Sally (a playful dancer). Glenis Paul re-animates these familiar Caribbean tropes through performances, paintings, and workshops.

Glenis creates fascinating modern stories woven throughout the fabric of Shanghai city. She re-imagines this world of folklore with a real desire to re-connect with the spirits and ancestors of history.

加勒比海地区是一片属于Moko Jumbie(一种在高跷上穿过街道的精神)和 Mother Sally(一个好玩的舞者)的多彩土地。 Glenis Paul 通过表演,绘画和工作坊为这些熟悉的加勒比风情重新赋予了生气。 她创作了引人入胜的现代故事,贯穿了上海的整个城市,她真实地渴望与过去的精神和祖先重新建立联系,重新构想这个民俗世界。