Nanjing City

Our time in Nanjing was bittersweet. The city is beautiful. Young population with dozens of schools. Very spread out and lots of great attractions. We travelled to Nanjing to explore the universities, to find a place to study. It was a very production trip. And visited many schools, and places of interest. Our train ride there was fun. We travelled on a spacious train for 4 hours. There was even free entertainment for Mayehu, by the young women eager to hold him.

But we made a crucial mistake. Just for future reference for anyone of you who may have the oportunity to travel in China, never travel with a one way ticket, especially up to a month before and after the Chinese New Year. We were stuck in Nanjing with no tickets home 3 weeks before the crazy rush for tickets even began. Lester worked tirelessly that week, standing in line and texting whoever we knew until we finally got bus tickets. Needless to say the busride home was not quite as pleasant.

Our Christmas Party

Yes, the Chinese do celebrate Christmas, kinda. It is not an official holiday, but most restaurants and shops will hang a Santa somewhere, especially in the McDonalds. It was really surreal sitting in a McDonalds listening to original Christmas carols sung by Chinese. Chinese Christmas carol remakes. As my sister would say, “Weird.” I was prepared not to have Christmas, but I was not prepared to have Christmas thrust upon me…

I taught a class on Christmas day and Boxing Day. Then I was finished until Febuary 15. VACATION! Lester and I are planning to travel around. First to Nanjing, a city in the East, then to a small village called Len Zhou 45 minutes out of An Yang. Add Hong Kong to the list and our world wind China tour is about to begin.

Fun Times with Friends

We have made some really great friends here. We usually celebrate birthdays together. It is a great excuse to party. So when Garvin turned 30 we took a trip to our favorite club “Enjoy”. Lester stayed home with Mayehu that day so I could party.

Surprise Birthday Party

I’ve never had a birthday party before. Not officially, with guests and gifts and the whole outfit. That is until I came to China. December 21st was my third birthday since I my husband and I met, and I happened to mention that I have never had a real birthday party. So he decided to throw me a surprise one. So sweet. And totally impossible since we spend every moment of every day together. It was a tremendous effort, and I love his determination. He almost got me. But surprised or not I know how fortunate I am to have someone like Lester in my life.

The best part about that night was seeing all the people who played a role in keeping the secret, and came out on that night. I love you guys.