New York to Guyana Then Back Home to China

It was so wonderful seeing everyone over the summer. Our trip to New York was a triumph as we looked back, and took a moment to reminisce on the way we used to live not so long ago. Strutting around the streets of New York without Lester, but with an active toddler, made me stronger physically and mentally. Summer in the city is always an adventure and seeing the city through the prism of motherhood was surprising so. Can you honestly say that you know where all the elevators are on your frequent subway stops? Or have you ever spent time wondering which of the people sitting in front of you and smiling at your baby, may offer you a hand up the stairs when you get off the train?

Most times it seemed that motherhood brought only changes. But then there were all my friends. Mostly unchanged. Living simple, happy, fulfilling  lives. And all brimming over with such enthusiasm, love and admiration for our new family and home.You made out trip back to the Big Apple and Brooklyn special indeed.

Guyana was a triumphant look ahead.  Even as we visited all Lester’s old friends and family there was constant talk of his return. Yet still my first time on that soil was like a homecoming, because there is so much in common with Barbados. The old made new and the new just like the old.

China is our home now, and our return home after almost one year brings a unique kind of fulfillment. As we struggle to learn a new language and to make the most of our time here, we invite your comments, suggestions and encouragement. Thank you for waiting so patiently and thank you for your participation.

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