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Glenis Paul   |   Artist Statement

My family and I moved to China ten years ago to be ahead of the curve. We want to learn as much as we can about the Chinese people and culture as China rises in dominance on the world stage. We envision China stepping into her role as world leader within the next few decades. It is an honor to be able to work here with this vision in mind. Ten years later, we are closer than ever to living our Chinese dream…

Art creation is a boundless activity. The best art can speak to anyone and everyone, despite background, culture or preference. It bypasses stereotypes, breaks down barriers, and diverts preconceptions. It is accessible to all, can forge connections, speaking to us on our terms, whether or not we are willing to listen.

My most recent projects are aimed at forging connections. As the world develops, technology and new media are becoming important tools in the creation of art. We are drawn in by the immediacy of the medium and the potential to reach an unlimited audience via the internet. Also an expanding and shifting global community equals growing opportunities for self expression.

My latest work seeks to incorporate new technologies such as the internet and interactive media to bridge the gap between the ordinary man and art. The aim is to continue to combine the modern art making techniques with the pageantry, ritual, spirituality and populism, which animates art practice in the Caribbean and other parts of the world such as China, my new home.

I grew up in the Caribbean, a colorful and flamboyant culture. I won a full scholarship to study at the renowned Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and at the end of my studies I was awarded the The Sarah Cooper Hewitt Fund Prize. In 2002 I spent time exploring the spectacle of carnival as it pertains to the female body, hoping to infuse a fresh perspective into the historical discussion of feminism, and incorporate a more vibrant use of color and ritual. My efforts were rewarded with a position as a finalist in the Skowhegan Art Residency program, 2003. I went  to win a full scholarship to study at the best university in China for new media art, Hangzhou China Academy of Art.

My experiences in New York and China have taught me that the best work speaks to all of us, and there must be no lines drawn between performance, history, pageantry, spectacle, spirit and art.