“The Other Half” – Moving Space Project

Prep The Other Half 01 The brainchild of Liang Qiang this project consists of 5 or 7 small exhibitions in different places of Hangzhou, trying to revive these public spaces with art. 流动空间计划·之一 . In Chinese the topic “重置”, means resetting, or replacement, but in English Liang Qiang thought “Displace” was better. For this location I performed the “The Other Half” again, and added a level of drama by using white chalk to “powder” my dark skin. Our exhibition had special support from (特别支持) Nomade Gallery. Other participants: Christelle Herve、Ida Blazicko、Léa Pagès、Matthieu Delourme 、NQ、

中村研一、Yao Xiaojun(姚小军).


Real or Fake

Real or Fake 11My work deals with black women and one very important theme that black women artists have used repeatedly is hair. I created a performance where the audience is asked to arrange some photos under the categories “Real” or “Fake”. If they think the picture in the photograph shows women with real hair the picture goes under “Real” and the same for fake hair. The persons that guess correctly gets a change to guess whether my hair is real, then regardless of whether right or wrong, they can come closer to me and touch and feel for themselves.  I printed out over 50 pictures from the internet and laminated them, then created a large board to hang the pictures. I also plan to create a website version of the game. The wonderful thing that I learned is, the beautiful thing about being a black woman is that sometimes we can never really tell…

The Money Tree Revival Animation

Money-Tree-Title-PageThe Money Tree Revival Project is a unique blend of Chinese and African American traditions. While modeling an African American Revival church service, the performers sweep the audience up into the revival ritual. They chant and repeat over and over that they can turn hair into money!  As the performers make this impossible claim, participants are encouraged to give strands of hair, as much as they can muster to be collected into a basket.  After collection, the hair is woven into coins using a Chinese knotting method, and used to adorn a small money tree. A trial run was performed last year around the winter solstice. Future development of the idea includes a performance in the Bazaar art space in Shanghai. An animation was created to be played while the performance is taking place.

The images below are a preview of the animation 🙂