“The Other Half” – Moving Space Project

Prep The Other Half 01 The brainchild of Liang Qiang this project consists of 5 or 7 small exhibitions in different places of Hangzhou, trying to revive these public spaces with art. 流动空间计划·之一 . In Chinese the topic “重置”, means resetting, or replacement, but in English Liang Qiang thought “Displace” was better. For this location I performed the “The Other Half” again, and added a level of drama by using white chalk to “powder” my dark skin. Our exhibition had special support from (特别支持) Nomade Gallery. Other participants: Christelle Herve、Ida Blazicko、Léa Pagès、Matthieu Delourme 、NQ、

中村研一、Yao Xiaojun(姚小军).