Performance Art Workshop

Tattoo-Calligraphy 03On April 25th and 26th we were happy to present the Fusion Performance Art Workshop. Lectures and performances geared at the creation of a platform for young artists to develop their ideas using performance art, no matter which discipline they prefer, weather it is traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy or new media art.

The two day workshop was quite successful, and we would like to say thanks to everyone who helped to make this event possible. Special thanks to our guest speakers Professor Qiu Zhijie and Professor Cai Qing. To the curators and the performers including Zhou Manlin (Mary) Hana Kucharovicova Yang Keke, Anna, Kristin and Liu Xiao.

Be on the lookout for our next program coming at the end of May.





Shuren University’s International Food Festival

Guyana Representing!The International Food Festival at Shuren University, the school where Lester teaches and where we reside, was the brainchild of Vincent Chen, our dear friend and colleague at the university. For the pilot version of the festival, all the foreign teachers at Shuren first provided general information about their countries which was used to create large posters, placed outside the library. The teachers also provided information about their local cuisine. Everyone then chose a few dished and prepared them for the student body to sample.

The festival was great success, hugely popular with both students and staff and we hope it will become a annual event!

Recent Trips in China

Capped Off with Yellow Mountain

Since returning from our holiday trip during the Spring Festival, Lester Alemayehu and I have visited a few more interesting spots in China. We thought you might like to take a look!

Heng Dian

The first stop was Heng Dian a small town 4 hours out of Hangzhou. This town is famous for it’s movie sets as it is the largest of its kind in Asia. You can visit famous sites like the Forbidden City or Hong Kong streets all in one day! We chose the local temple and garden grounds for this weekend’s haunt.

Hangzhou Wetlands Park

The city of Hangzhou and our new home has an amazing botanical garden as well as a great wetlands park and some amazing tea tree hilltops, all quite large and spread out in comparison to the small size of the city. We went with some friends to visit the wetlands on a sunny spring day. Their son Danny was born the day after Alemayehu.

Hong Cun – Hong Village

The next location was the our most picturesque stop in China to date. WWe took a school trip with Lester’s workmates to Hong Village and Yellow Mountain about 5 hours drive away. I really enjoyed this particular trip, and despite the incredible crowds, I still think it was totally worth it!

Yellow Mountain

Last but not least, the amazing Yellow Mountain. Our timing was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, and the clouds delicately wrapped mountain peaks, making for excellent pictures.