Mother Sally-Brother Buddha

Laughing Brother Sally

November 1st-November 11th at the China Art Museum in Shanghai. Visual arts show “Magic and Reality”, part of the “Tour of the World” Exhibition. Pieces include oil painting, collage and watercolor, and the performance art piece “Mother Sally-Brother Buddha”.

The Other Half-Exposed (PaR)

The-Other-Half-PaintingWhere do our true selves reside? One person can be so many things to the other people around us. Wife and companion, mother, friend and co-conspirator, teacher, sister, mentor, aunt, student, daughter, artist and consumer.

Recently, I have become painfully aware of the gaze that follows me around in China. I’m overly conscious of it. It haunts me. It is often followed by a laugh, giggle or an unfriendly word. Or is it really? Is it just my supra-awareness of something not there?

The wedding dress should represent a women at her most beautiful moment. Pure, virtuous, and ripe for the taking. These days of course, most of us are far from this untouched vision of womanhood, and feminism has taught us to rise beyond these bogus boundaries.

The wedding dress represents an untarnished commitment, to the spirit that stirs me to create art.

The wedding dress represents a commercial image of me, what others believe they see. Those that dare to go underneath can maybe catch a glimpse of who I really am.

Stripped down, exposed, judged laid bare. Do you still like what you see?