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The gallery consists mainly of images from my portfolio. These selected works were created, staged, performed and curated from 2002 through 2011. For works done after 2011, click on the Artwork tab, or use the sitemap in the sidebar.

The works are presented by category and are from a wide range of disciplines. The older work reflects my interest in the female body politic as an immigrant to the US from the Caribbean island of Barbados. Since then my aims have shifted to include projects which explore the ephemeral links connecting peoples and communities. Such projects include: Interweave – The Hair Project Series, SH, ZZ, NY; the Adventures in the Arts Series, NY and The Ten Scenic Spots of West Lake, HZ performance. These explorations all aim at bridging cultures and deconstructing stereotypes.

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Love Bug

Hope you can watch this fun animation that Alemayehu found on I also have some videos posted there.

Love Bug

Tudou is the Chinese YouTube. Don’t let the Chinese characters scare you off. We just watched Toy Story 4. Try a search for the movie or T.V. series you prefer and you just might get lucky. Anyway this animation that Mayehu found is short and funny, and loads quickly. A young researcher in the making!