Alemayehu’s First Birthday

Chances are if you are reading my blog you came to see the baby. I know he is the star of the show. I’m not jealous. Really I’m not. Besides you are in  luck. We just celebrated his first birthday. His party was a great success. We have made friends with some of the teachers on campus and they brought their babies, so he had lots of friends to play with, lots of attention from many of our students and lots and lots of gifts. Thanks to everyone who came out. We were happy to have you all there. Thanks to all the people that helped out.We love you!

Lester spent the entire morning cooking. Check out the amazing spread! You really outdid yourself this time my love. And the food was DELICIOUS!

At the end of the day Mayehu was surrounded by gifts. Haha. TOO MANY! Happy Birthday!

Down South: Hong Kong and Macau

After living in the heart of China, it was almost a shock to be in a thriving metropolis like Hong Kong. In many ways it was so much like New York that we felt quite at home. We took to the subway (MTR) like fish to the water, and used it to travel all around Kowloon. We also took the ferry around on a 2hr trip to Macau.

Our host in Hong Kong was an amazing woman from Singapore, teaching in the anthropology department at the Chinese University. Her home is beautiful and large, a great luxury in Hong Kong. And she was the most gracious host. Saroja if you are reading this, you are welcome to come stay with Lester and I anywhere on the globe, anytime. Just send an email and our house is your house.

Highlights include the big buddha and the sky trolley, the Hong Kong city lights, quick tour of Macau and the Avenue of the Stars. Check out the gallery below for all the best pictures.

Our Christmas Party

Yes, the Chinese do celebrate Christmas, kinda. It is not an official holiday, but most restaurants and shops will hang a Santa somewhere, especially in the McDonalds. It was really surreal sitting in a McDonalds listening to original Christmas carols sung by Chinese. Chinese Christmas carol remakes. As my sister would say, “Weird.” I was prepared not to have Christmas, but I was not prepared to have Christmas thrust upon me…

I taught a class on Christmas day and Boxing Day. Then I was finished until Febuary 15. VACATION! Lester and I are planning to travel around. First to Nanjing, a city in the East, then to a small village called Len Zhou 45 minutes out of An Yang. Add Hong Kong to the list and our world wind China tour is about to begin.

Fun Times with Friends

We have made some really great friends here. We usually celebrate birthdays together. It is a great excuse to party. So when Garvin turned 30 we took a trip to our favorite club “Enjoy”. Lester stayed home with Mayehu that day so I could party.