Nanjing City

Our time in Nanjing was bittersweet. The city is beautiful. Young population with dozens of schools. Very spread out and lots of great attractions. We travelled to Nanjing to explore the universities, to find a place to study. It was a very production trip. And visited many schools, and places of interest. Our train ride there was fun. We travelled on a spacious train for 4 hours. There was even free entertainment for Mayehu, by the young women eager to hold him.

But we made a crucial mistake. Just for future reference for anyone of you who may have the oportunity to travel in China, never travel with a one way ticket, especially up to a month before and after the Chinese New Year. We were stuck in Nanjing with no tickets home 3 weeks before the crazy rush for tickets even began. Lester worked tirelessly that week, standing in line and texting whoever we knew until we finally got bus tickets. Needless to say the busride home was not quite as pleasant.