Our Christmas Party

Yes, the Chinese do celebrate Christmas, kinda. It is not an official holiday, but most restaurants and shops will hang a Santa somewhere, especially in the McDonalds. It was really surreal sitting in a McDonalds listening to original Christmas carols sung by Chinese. Chinese Christmas carol remakes. As my sister would say, “Weird.” I was prepared not to have Christmas, but I was not prepared to have Christmas thrust upon me…

I taught a class on Christmas day and Boxing Day. Then I was finished until Febuary 15. VACATION! Lester and I are planning to travel around. First to Nanjing, a city in the East, then to a small village called Len Zhou 45 minutes out of An Yang. Add Hong Kong to the list and our world wind China tour is about to begin.

Fun Times with Friends

We have made some really great friends here. We usually celebrate birthdays together. It is a great excuse to party. So when Garvin turned 30 we took a trip to our favorite club “Enjoy”. Lester stayed home with Mayehu that day so I could party.