Parabolas: A plane curve formed by a mathematical equation.
Carnivalesque: Characteristic of, suitable for, or like a carnival.

Paravalesque is a portmanteau a combining of the two above words. Fascinated by the curved shapes of flowing carnival costumes of the Caribbean, Glenis set out to make works that celebrate the movement and color, the feast of textures and rhythm present at carnivals worldwide. The movement and patterns that flow through the streets at these times of celebration are a source of endless inspiration.

The Moko Jumbie dancer (Caribbean stilt-walker) often emerges at these events. She represents the modern man, a perpetual figure of old reclaimed. Through these performance actions in Shanghai and Beijing, she is now seen roving the streets of China. As she takes each tittering step, she engages in mapping her past, while reaching higher and higher towards her future on ever-growing stilts.

This body of work includes the roving Moko Jumbie in the specially designed costume as well as a series of paintings and sculptures.