Artist in Residence | Zestman 宅匠

As Artist in Residence at Zestman 宅匠, Glenis Paul is responsible for all of the art and sculpture shown to highlight their line of high end furnishings and flooring in 9 of the major cities in China.

Paintings, sculptures and custom made pieces  are all available for purchase at the showrooms.

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Trip to Guilin and Yangshuo(桂林和阳朔)

On China National Day, our family joined a few friends on a trip to Guilin. It was one of the most beautiful places we have visited so far in China. The mountains all around were very dramatic limestone formations. The cave we visited took 2 hours to meander through, where we started at the bottom and gradually found ourselves high above the rock and formations we had just seen. I hope these pictures help to give some idea of what it was like.