2019.10.03-05   Beijing, China
Beijing 21st International Tourism Festival
Stilt Performance with the Elimu Carnival Group from the UK
at the World Expo Opening Ceremony

2019.09.21-28   Shanghai, China
Belt and Road Painting and Sculpture Exhibition
Exhibition at Shanghai Contemporary Center「上海龙现代艺术中心」

2019.08.23-24   Jingdezhen, China
Envelopes Travel Thousands of Miles
Porcelain Painting Collaboration with Professor Gang Ning

2017.12.15-12.18   Changsha, China
1st Mexi International Culture and Art Festival禾.美术馆
“Belly or Butt”
Live Art Performance and Workshops                                                                                              

2016.11.01   Shanghai, China
China Art Museum
“Laughing Brother Sally” – Painting Exhibition and Live Art Performance

2016.05.06   Beijing, China
Exhibition at World Art Museum-China Millennium Monument
Magic and Reality
Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art

2015.09.04   Hangzhou, China
Yunhe Square
“Sister Sally” Live Art;

2014.06.29   Hangzhou, China
West Lake Cultural Center Muma Theater;
Producer and Director of 14 international and Chinese artists;
The Money Tree Revival Live Art;   

2014.06.25  Hangzhou, China
Foreign Students Art Exhibit at the China Academy of Art Gallery
Tattoo: Foreigner Live Art;

2014.05.01    Hangzhou, China
West Lake Cultural Center Muma Market
The Money Tree Revival 
Curated, Produced and Performed in a
Live Art Show;

2013.10.13  Hangzhou, China
Hangzhou Folk Arts Festival Wushan Square 

Tattoo: Stencil Live Art;

2013.04.25&26   Hangzhou, China
“Fusion Performance Art and Happenings” at the China Academy of Art,
Co-curator for these art workshops, artist talks and performances.
Workshops led by Mr. QiuZhijie and  Mr. Cai Qing;
Tattoo: Calligraphy Live Art;

2012.12.21  Hangzhou, China
Inna Contemporary Art Space,
Real or Fake Live Art;

2012.12.13   Hangzhou, China
“A .gif for You” Monaddigital WebExpo 3 at the TCLM Art Space,
The Money Tree Revival Animation;

2012.12.08  Hangzhou, China
“Moving Space Project”, at Central Plaza of Phoenix Creative Park,
The Other Half Live Art;

2012.11.24 West Lake,     Hangzhou, China
Human Sculpture Live Art;

2012.10.26 The Wetlands,  Hangzhou, China
My Third Marriage Live Art;

2012.03.12    Hangzhou, China
“In/Out of Heaven”, in collaboration with Jin Cai Gallery,
Spiral Live Art;

2012.04.26   Hangzhou, China
China Academy of Art, Xiang Shan Campus,                                                                   
My Foot is Bigger Than Yours Live Art;

2012.06.02    Shanghai, China
“Discover the Body Online” Monaddigital WebExpo 2 at the CCC Art Space,
Hair Totem Video Installation;

2012.06.21   Hangzhou, China
“Foreign Students Biannual Exhibition” at the China Academy of Art Gallery,
Two Projects: Color Gift,
My Foot is Bigger Than Yours
Video Installation;

12.21.11        Hangzhou, China
West Lake,
Money Tree Revival Live Art;

11.11.19         Hangzhou, China
Pan Tianshou Square China Academy of Art,
Republic II. Huaxi Village Shadow Art Collaboration;

2011.10.22    Shanghai, China
12 Annual Open Art Festival,
Mad Woman Jammin Live Art;
                           Color Gift Live Art Collaboration;

2011/07     Hangzhou, China
West Lake,                                                               
The Ten Scenic Spots of West Lake Live Art Collaboration;

2011/07    Hangzhou, China    
Zhejiang Museum of Art,
Beauty Score Live Art;

2011.02.19   Shanghai, China
KIC Art Center,                                                           
Interweave-Man-After Female Multi-media Performance;

2010/12    Thailand
Pai Street Market,
Interweave-The Hair Project Live Art;

2010/06   Zhengzhou, China   
Shengda University Campus,
Touch My Hair (Sculpture) Live Art;
Touch My Hair (Keepsake) Live Art;

2009/06   Henan, China  
Zhengzhou City,
Interweave-The Hair Project Live Art;

2008/05    New York, NY   
A Tribute to Don Kunz @ Kenkeleba Gallery
Interweave-The Hair Project Video Installation;

2008/02    Jersey City, NJ 
“Threads Wearable Art Fashion Show” at the Jersey City Museum Gallery
Body Bootie Live Art Collaboration;

Adventures in the Arts   New York, NY
2007/04  “Shades of Light and Dark Curator of an Outdoor Sculpture Art Exhibit;                    
2007/06  “Summer Solstice Arts Festival Curator and Producer of a Street Arts Fair with Entertainment
2007/08  Art on Dean Co-Curator of a Multi-Discipline Art Exhibit;

2007/06     Harlem, NY
Summer Solstice Arts Festival                                          
Flipped” – Video Installation;
Panic  Attack” – Video Installation;

2007/05    Brooklyn, NY  
Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Dance Africa
Interweave-The Hair Project” – Live Art;

2005/07    Brooklyn, NY   
Intimate Sessions, Taaffe Street Apartment
Flipped Live Art;
Mad Woman Jammin” – Live Art;

2004/07     Brooklyn, NY  
The African Arts Festival on Fulton Street
Stripped/Strapped” – Live Art;

2002/05    New York, NY
“End of the Year Show” at the The Cooper Union                                                                                    
Drawing Experiments
Video Installations and Drawings;
Work  –  Video Installation Series;


2010-Present     Hangzhou, China
China Academy of Art
Masters of Fine Arts – Full Scholarship

1998 – 2002        New York NY, USA
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art                      
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Full Scholarship with Honors.

1997 – 1998        New York NY, USA
Marymount Manhattan College                                                                            
Bachelor of Arts – Transfer Scholarship

1996 – 1997      Bronx NY, USA
Bronx Community College
Associate of Arts – Dean’s List